Users of the “alexa” from Amazon can now send SMS text messages voice

أليكسا أمازون

أليكسا أمازون

Announced Amazon about a new update to her assistant digital “Alexa” Alexa introduced the possibility to send real SMS text SMS via voice commands, this after the use of smartphones operating system Android.

When activated Alexa, in the organs of the “Amazon echo”, for example, and asked to send a text message to a friend, will take the request and convert it to the user’s phone working system Android, which application must contain “Alexa” to send the message immediately. How can The Exchange of messages between users and devices “echo” without the need for hiring the phone.

And remember Amazon the date of arrival of the same feature to the users of the system “iOS”. Confirmed at the same time to send messages for emergency or talks collective is not possible now.

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