Users of the Apple Watch 5 buy draining the battery

In the past month, Apple announced about the fifth generation of her watch smart, which made a number of new features including Always-On display, which allows the screen to permanently provide information such as the time and exercise, but using this feature looks like it requires sacrifice battery life.

The company says that the battery life has not changed compared to the fourth generation, and use up to 18 hours after a single charge, but many users complain of the problem of depletion of the battery, specifically when you activate the feature Always-On display.

One of the users said that the battery of his watch decline by 5% per hour even if he never used it, indicating that it has stopped activating the feature Always-On display and notice improved battery life on the spot, and told another user that the battery of his watch dropped from 69% to 21% during the implementation of aerobic exercise for 35 minutes.

In addition, some users of the Apple Watch 4 of a similar problem after upgrading to system watchOS 6, and is expected to release Apple an update to resolve this problem. And temporarily, can improve battery life in Apple Watch 5 by disabling the feature Always-On display of the Settings screen in the clock application on the iPhone, but for for Apple 4, it is not known the cause of the problem.

Source: 9to5mac

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