Users of the “iPhone X” buy easily “scratched” camera lens


Annoyed a lot of users phones iPhone X new from Apple, after they discovered the know camera lenses on their smartphones-scratch, and a number of them complaints to the company because of this defect, while it is easy to assume that the lens of the camera is cracked comes as a result of drop phones iPhone, users in this case they claim they didn’t shoot an iPhone of their own.


According to the published site 9to5mac American, please return this as some cooler weather which is responsible for the cracked lenses, except that one of the users in Malaysia revealed that he suffered from this problem also, although these lenses are made from Sapphire Glass which is more durable and strong, where the company insisted Apple in the last year that the money used to protect the camera is the sapphire, so it is not clear the cause of these cracks.

But so far it seems that users who suffer from this problem are unable to replace their devices within warranty, so they will need to pay full price to replace the device.

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