Users of Windows 10 will be able to soon install applications remotely

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Want Microsoft to facilitate the process of downloading apps from the store, Microsoft Store, which now has just added a new feature that will allow users to do just that. To enable this feature for new users to install applications remotely on any computer not login directly from the web version of the store. This is not a completely new feature for buy Microsoft because it was present in Windows Phone.

Wasn’t a feature exclusive for Windows Phone also because it was possible to do this on Android devices through the Google Play Store a while ago. However, this is the first time that bring the Microsoft Corporation this feature to the personal computers PC.


He was asking from the users in previous open shop the Microsoft Store on the computers of their own when you open the app’s page on the web version of the store. However, this feature allows a remarkable possibility to browse the app from anywhere and use the option ” install it on my devices ” to automatically install the application on user devices. You can use this option to install any application it is already registered to your Microsoft account on any computer you logged in.

It seems that this feature is only available for a limited group of users of Windows 10 at the moment, but will probably be released to more users in the near future.



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