Users were much less likely to update their iPhone

They longer use the old iPhone models. To such conclusion analysts of Bernstein. The update cycle has increased significantly – now consumers are changing smartphone every four years, whereas previously the figure was three years. According to analysts, consumers just don’t see the point in buying new iPhone models.

Experts believe that this contributed to the long life cycle of the Apple smartphones and high prices on new items. It is difficult not to agree with it:

  • The company supports a huge number of old devices as iOS updates still come to the iPhone 5s, and this despite the fact that the smartphone was introduced in 2013.
  • Old iPhone work perfectly on current iOS version 12. All the basic and necessary needs of the users covers any supported smartphone.
  • The program of preferential replacement of the batteries is also brought about changes — a large number of consumers decided to take advantage of this opportunity and reasons to upgrade iPhone became even less.
  • New items last year, to put it mildly not surprised — that high prices and lack of innovation. Users simply have not seen the real and objective reasons why a flagship model would be worth to consider to purchase.

However, if you believe the analysts, the situation has changed even with the release of new iPhone models in September. According to forecasts by Bernstein, with older versions of iPhone at the news will be updated only 16% of all users. How true were these conjectures, we learn at the end of the year.

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