Users will be able to reset button Bixby in the Galaxy S10 new

Galaxy S10

One of the features of spam in Samsung phones modern is button, your digital assistant Bixby. The idea behind the creation of this button is to allow users to open a digital assistant quickly by clicking on them, but due to Bixby lag a relatively large margin from the likes of Google Assistant and Alexa, it is not surprising to find that there are many people who do not wish to use the Bixby.

In the beginning, find out the users that they can re-set the button to do something other than call the Bixby, but it was halted later by the Samsung company which has removed that possibility forever, but the good news is that after two years of this, I decided Samsung give up finally. According to a new report from the site The Verge, have confirmed that the Galaxy S10 announced by Samsung recently will allow users to reset button Bixby to do something else.

Accept button is currently clicked once or twice, and users can choose what the button do in both cases. For example, you can choose to open the application Instagram When is pressed once on the button, which means that it will run Bixby when is pressed twice on the button, and vice versa. Will pressing the button for a long time to open the Bixby Voice.

This is good news for lovers of Samsung who might not be innovative, the decision of being forced to use the digital assistant Bixby, and having more options means that US users have a button on their smart phones will not use it anymore.

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