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With the advent of many smartphone companies to advertise the phones 5G own, we expect to hear the same thing from a company Honor, one of the largest phones and now happened what we were waiting for it, as explained by the chairman of the company Mr. George Zhao in the MWC conference Shanghai, his plans to Honor the 5G specifically mentioned that the first phone 5G the company will end by the year 2019, but did not mention the president of the company anything about the device likely to come to a network 5G and if it will be “Honor 20 5G” or another phone completely new.

Honor said that she intends to use 5G in its purpose, which will make its network useful, such as games and augmented reality interfaces artificial intelligence, young people are the audience Honor target after all, which makes sense, judging from the comments Zhao phone will be launched in China first, because of the uncertainty that surrounds the existence of Honor in other markets, it seems that this is the likely path of events.

Phone Honor View 30 is available on the 5G network

هاتف Honor View 30 أول جهاز محتمل للشركة على شبكة 5GPhone Honor View 30 the first your company’s potential on the 5G network

Officials have confirmed Honor to their phone 5G will be coming to international markets too, so should many other areas to get it eventually, but the question remains: what is the phone Honor 5G?, the Most likely is that phone 5G phone is Honor View 30, has been the launch of the series Honor View Line, the latest Honor View 20 at the beginning of this year, which gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the phones of those goods in the future.

Don’t expect to see phone Honor View 30 until January if you keep the Honor patrol of the year between the last phone of that series and the phone which are, as usual, but the release View 20 for in December in certain parts of the world, so it can issue a phone the Honor of 5G by the end of the year in China, then in any other place in early 2020, at the current time, we don’t know much about the phone Honor 5G, and we’ll likely have to wait until the end of 2019 by making sure that.

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