Using the Lightning Network is now available almost all

The company Bitrefill announced the start of sales of gift vouchers for Amazon and other brands for the cryptocurrency. It is noteworthy that, for processing electronic payments will be applied Lightning Network. This writes Bitcoinist.

In its press release dated July 19, representatives Bitrefill mentioned that the company wanted to expand the possibilities of LN thanks to the sale of small goods. CEO Bitrefill Sergey Kotlyar commented on the new service.

Transaction to Lightning Network

In a standard Bitcoin transaction, the seller needs to understand a lot of technical terms. In addition, the processing of each transaction takes too much time. Through the sale of vouchers through the LN we will save many intermediaries from headaches and will work directly with clients.

Gift cards can be redeemed for goods or services at Amazon, Uber, Google Play and other companies. It turns out that for coins you can buy almost everything. Bitrefill accepts payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Dash.

Plans for the introduction of the LN called for the leadership Bitrefill after Steam refused to accept payments in Bitcoin because of high volatility of cryptocurrency. Recall, Lightning Network allows you to almost instantly send any transaction fees are minimal. However, while the network is only at the stage of development and testing, so within it transfers more expensive than the three cents is almost always doomed to failure.

Lightning is the opportunity to prove the resilience of Bitcoin in the future. Thanks to the net we are confident that we will soon be able to make fast and cheap payments.

To search for new business partners Department Bitrefill even set up a special alert system. It notifies the company of the services that refuse to take Bitcoin, that they immediately you could offer to go to the Lightning Network.

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