Vacancies: editor, lab matters, technical

The gate Arab news technical

البوابة العربية للأخبار التقنية

You know the gate Arab news technique provides a number of editorial jobs currently vacant:

Engine lab technical matters (number 4)

  • Fluent in Arabic & English, and the ability to know the demand of foreign terms commensurate with the language of modern technology on the one hand and Arabic second hand
  • Experience in editing Technical writing and teaching about the most prominent technological trends for a period of not less than two years
  • Passion for technology, are directed towards the achievement and creativity, and community wide about the latest developments and technology in the world
  • In-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of press release, drafting press
  • Ability to deal with the WordPress platform
  • Required samples of previous work
  • Will communicate with selected only
  • The work does not require the presence of the editor in a particular place or country (online)
  • You will choose from the selected by their belief officially.

Please send your CV with a profile of the change and models of its work to the following email:

Vacancies: editor, lab matters, technical

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