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Rumors abounded on the internet with pandemic Corona, considering that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, is months a way to balance the world’s population, have seen many changes to reduce the spread of rumors over the past months.

I checked the messages on the directed on the label indicate it’s not written by the sender, and on Monday 3 August, has become some users, they can check the authenticity of the news.

The validation of the news relies on the idea of the simple search content of the message on the Google formulation to ensure the validity of news —of course without the company WhatsApp, thanks to the advantage they till the end of E2EE.

Knowing that water is currently available to users in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom and the United States, and watching her arrival through the weeks or months ahead to the rest of the world.

Use the control feature of the news in WhatsApp

  1. Open the conversation in WhatsApp on your phone or from the site WhatsApp.
  2. By messages that include news, links and find the icon of the lens.
  3. When you click on the icon of Justice, a window will appear telling you it will raise the content of the message on Google.
  4. Click on OK, it will make to the search results page on the Google website.
  5. Some of the titles in the search results will appear written under it “false” after the transformation of the media agencies competent in the detection of false news.

ميزة التحقق من صحة الأخبار في واتساب

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