Vendors Galaxy Fold in Hong Kong are getting more money from Samsung

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A few days ago, we made it clear to you that some of the lovers of the Galaxy Fold in South Korea willing to pay the extra money to get the device. They were unable to submit their applications prior to it runs out quickly, which was taken advantage of sellers by asking for $ 500 extra compared to the Galaxy Fold. However, it seems that the situation is well in South Korea, compared with the black market in Hong Kong.

According to a new report recently released from the magazine Forbes, it appears that retail stores in Hong Kong sells the Galaxy Fold compared to about 4855 USD. This is more than double the original price of the phone of $ 2000 USD. This is hardly the price of the two phones Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note 10 combined.

Until now, the launch of the Galaxy Fold officially in South Korea only. Obviously the units sold in Hong Kong at a higher price is not sold by Samsung, but by sellers who received the phone as part of the first batch that have been offered for sale in South Korea. It is reported that Samsung has so far shipped between 1000 and 2000 units of the Galaxy Fold only in South Korea.

Can scarcity to create demand, and in this case, you can’t Samsung keep up with it. But regardless of the limited supply and a lot of hype about the Galaxy Fold, the Samsung does not use a lot of units that are sold in the black market in Hong Kong, or anywhere else.

It is important to build hype about a product during the launch, but we do not expect that the company Samsung manufactures the Galaxy Fold in very large quantities anyway. There is a huge demand for the device already, probably enough to cover production lines Galaxy Fold fully. After all, it seems that some enthusiasts are willing to spend nearly $ 5,000 to look Galaxy the Fold early.

Likely to change attitude once they get the phone Galaxy Fold to more markets starting from September 18. However, will the Galaxy Fold rarely somewhat relative, so it would be interesting to know when will the resale prices are high. What is the additional amount that you want to pay to get the Galaxy Fold? We shared your thoughts into the comments below.

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