Venezuela has called the ban trump as a “crime against humanity”

Yesterday, the President of the United States forbade Americans to conduct operations in El Petro. Under the restrictions fall cryptocurrencies that were created after January 9. In this regard, American citizens also will not be able to purchase new coins. The Venezuelan foreign Ministry the decision is not appreciated.

Venezuela condemned the ban El Petro

Representatives of the Ministry consider new sanctions “a crime against humanity,” according to RIA. This is stated in the official message of Department.

By its actions, the administration trump, according to the UN special Rapporteur Alfred de Zaza, commits a crime against humanity, which may be made to the international criminal court as a violation of article 7 of the Rome Statute.

Official Caracas sees the unilateral US sanctions violations of the UN Charter and principles of international law, which define relations between sovereign countries.

They are the new Imperial aggression, focused on the financial pursuit and an economic boycott intended to bring chaos to our economy and to destroy the will of our people to freedom, peace and hope.

Will the top of Venezuela to respond — is unknown. There is also no information about the requests the US to support the prohibition for its partners.

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