Venezuela has started the sale of national cryptocurrencies

The story of the national coin of Venezuela began in December. Cryptocurrency will provide five billion barrels of oil, which in the future will join the diamonds and gold. The U.S. Department opposed the idea, but the government is not stopped. Today El Petro went on sale.

El Petro available for purchase

About the launch was announced by Nicolas Maduro in the official Twitter account, according to RBC. The President sees in the coin a great potential for the national economy.

Colleagues in a few minutes we run the world our Venezuelan cryptocurrency El Petro, which will strengthen our economy.

The start of sales confirmed the Vice-President of the South American Republic Tarek El-Aissami. Implementation began at seven in the morning Moscow time.

Today will go down in history. Venezuela became the first nation that launched his cryptocurrency secured by their own reserves, and natural resources.

Officials posted a statement on the acquisition of cryptocurrency on the government portal. You can read it here.

Buy coins can physical and legal persons from Venezuela, as well as citizens of other countries. The price will be equal to the cost of a barrel of Venezuelan oil — about $ 60.

Cryptocurrency is one of the last hopes of the country on optimization of Venezuela’s economy. At the end of last year inflation has exceeded 2600 percent and the largest bill was 100 bolívares replaced 100 thousand bolivars. I hope the success of the pilot and improving the reputation of the crypt.

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