Venmo change its policy for the immediate cash discount of 1% of the total amount

Venmo تُغير سياستها للتحويل الفوري للنقود بخصم 1% من المبلغ الإجمالي

The beginning for those who don’t know Venmo is a service to states by application by the company of Braintree, 2012 by Take It PayPal a year later, the idea is to apply Venmo in facilitating the process of sending and exchange of money between individuals at a speed in less than half an hour, and then transferred to banks to be handled via credit card, and in this regard, the police said that women from the process of the transfer of funds to the banks will become 1% of the total amount, as it was in previous 0.25$ by circulating an email sent to users of the service.

Said the spokesman of the PayPal company to a new change in the discount rate on the edges, came a reflection of the value provided by the service Venmo so as to provide speed and convenience for customers during the process of convert their money to their bank in a short time up to half an hour or less, and maybe this will be a problem for people who are used to transfer funds through this service; due to the increased fees, but in any case keep the options open for persons using the means of payment the same or change them according to their interests and what they see fit.

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