Venus turned into a hellish planet of the tides of ancient oceans

Venus is considered the hottest planet in the Solar system — temperatures on its surface reaches 460 degrees Celsius, and atmospheric pressure above the earth in 93 times. Some astronomers believe that billions of years ago the planet was much more hospitable, and on its surface there were even huge oceans of liquid water. They, as ironic as it may sound, and turned Venus into a hellish place — it has been proven in computer simulations conducted by an international team of scientists supported by NASA.

The extreme conditions of Venus are related to the fact that it rotates in the opposite direction from the Ground, and very slowly. At a time when our planet for making one rotation around its axis requires 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds, Venus spends a whopping 243 days. As a result, the planet is practically no temperature changes nor day nor night — it is always so hot that you can melt lead.

Weather on Venus was favorable

A group of researchers headed by Professor Matthias Greene proved that billions of years ago Venus rotates in the same direction and the same speed as the Earth. This allowed her to maintain oceans of liquid water, but the tide was so strong that the friction between ground water and the bottom had a strong resistance to the rotation of the planet and reduced her speed.

This is evidenced by a computer simulation of a young Venus with different levels of water. Oceanic tides actually could slow down the rotation of the planet, and in some cases to 70 days in a million years. It turns out that Venus lost liquid oceans, and has become a hellish place for only 10-50 million years, which according to the universal standards very short period of time.

Life on Venus can revive

The friction between ground water and the bottom of the oceans is happening on the Ground, and this process also has consequences — in a million years the planet’s rotation is slowing down at a few tens of seconds. From this it follows that through billions of years our planet may become inhospitable, extreme, and therefore uninhabited place.

However, if the dream and allow that humanity will be able to come up with a way of controlling the speed of rotation of the planets, disaster can be avoided. Moreover, people will be able to revive life on Venus — just need to speed up its rotation, to eliminate the greenhouse effect, upload tons of hydrogen to produce water.

That once Venus was practically a resort planet, has spoken in 2016. To read more about this in our article, and discuss the topic in the comments, or in our Telegram chat!

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