Verizon choose service video games cloud

Started company American Communications Verizon select their initial service games Video Cloud plans to launch on Android devices.

Called service Verizon Gaming and the company is currently on a Nvidia Shield will be later on Android phones. It can control video games via the grip control, the Xbox One.

Began to Verizon recruiting players to test the service, which currently contained 135 game. The company pays the players $ 150 on the form of Amazon gift card with a Nvidia Shield Free Grip controller Xbox One account in the service.

Comes on the device a special application to the service will be his company later on store Google Play, where it is expected that the initial tests of the service by the end of the month.

Show screen shots leaked from the service collection of games famous and important like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Battlefield V, and Destiny 2, it is noted that some of the exclusive games on the PlayStation this may make the footage vulnerable to criticism in the sense that they may be just pictures, not games actually can be currently tested.

Be sure that the service is still in the phases of the tests early so that some key functions not yet such as to save the development in the game.

So you join Verizon major companies have or are developing services video games cloud like Amazon parking download and Sony.

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