Version 2019 of hours Louis Vuitton featuring Chip Wear 3100

Revealed Louis Vuitton for the new version of smart watches LV Tambour Horizon, which now comes with a microchip processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100, to support longer life for a smart up to a full day.

LV Tambour Horizon-2019

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I knew hours Louis Vuitton smart design, possible pricing associated, and new launches of the company update hours LV Tambour Horizon smartphone, which comes with Snapdragon processor Wear 3100 from Qualcomm.

It is planned to support the processor chip longer battery life up to a full day in the case of the use of the characteristic of the smart watch, or 5 days when you use a clock to show the time on the screen only.

Also comes this version of the smart watch LV Tambour Horizon with some improvements in the screen, that come quality top view from previous version, it also features a design indicator and loop for 24 hours, with the index for hours day and night at the edge of the smart watch.

Also supports chip Qualcomm processor feature style ambient in the Smart Watch, which works to show time, with the information about heart rate, or the number of steps traveled with consume less battery power.

Recall that this version of H Tambour Horizon Smart also comes with new colors, with a choice of designer ceramic white, but keep the pricing of this version of the materials available in the market is not yet clear, except that the previous version provided to users at the price of 2490 dollars, so I won’t say the new version of this pricing is definitely.


I know of

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