Version 24-karat gold plated from the iPhone X is priced at 4,510 $

Despite the price phone iPhone X, however, this did not prevent the company Caviar of detection of two copies of the new Apple phone, a plated two carat gold 24carat, as the company launched a version of the two new name classic gold classic liquid gold.

Classic Gold

Will be available version of Classic Gold at a price of 4510 dollars, and the version Classic Liquid Gold will be priced to 4510 dollars.

Classic Liquid Gold

And both the new versions of the iPhone X “with the symbol of Apple’s famous” for the first time in the history of the company, as containing a copy of the Classic Liquid Gold the form of the unusual creates a sense of sense of “liquid” on the back of the smartphone, as if it changed in the hands of its owner.

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