Version 66 of the browser Firefox will by default turn off the autoplay of the content on the site

Mozilla Firefox

If you are of the people who get upset because of the video clips that operate automatically while browsing the web, it has become happy after hearing what we have to say now, especially if you are a user of the browser Firefox. In fact, the company requires Mozilla to get rid of this annoying habit, and therefore has today launched version 66 of the browser Firefox which by default turn off the autoplay of the content on the websites.

You can find video clips that operate automatically in all types of websites, whether a news site or entertainment. Will feature Block Autoplay in the browser Firefox to turn off the video and audio files automatically. If you want to watch the video, just click on the play button. Containing some of the social networks on the video clips work automatically, but works on mute automatically. Won’t stop the feature Block Autoplay play videos on such sites.

Make the Mozilla security warnings on the browser Firefox, easy to understand also. Whenever they visit the users site it a potential security problem, your browser will display a warning to the security. Updated these warnings to be simple and direct about the reason for the lack of security of this site.

This provides a new version of the browser Firefox Support protocol security biometric Web Authentication using Windows Hello system Windows 10. With the next version of Windows OS 10, it will be possible for users to login to web sites-compatible with facial recognition, fingerprint, or personal identification number PIN or USB key safe.

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