Version Chrome 66 “pilot” challenge to the media player comes design Modern Design

نسخة كروم 66 "التجريبية" تُحدّث مشغل الوسائط وتأتي بتصميم Modern Design

نسخة كروم 66 "التجريبية" تُحدّث مشغل الوسائط وتأتي بتصميم Modern Design

Days ago out version Chrome 65 officially for all users, and has included these women a tool to prevent new ads and some advantages of the other security, now version Chrome 66 available on beta channel demo, it has many of the main advantages of the new, where there is a new user interface bearing the name of Modern Design-based on the interface “Chrome home” in addition to the updated media player and more new additions.

First: the interface of modern design:

Throughout the entire year was Google using in the interface of the browser Chrome on Chrome the Home was under development, and the design of Modern Design part of this fact which makes the items are actually rounded, it seems with this demo version has been activated, where it was also get rid of the address bar at the bottom, included pages tab, white background with elements of light-gray, and codes websites most viewed smaller than the symbols of other sites.

As you know that for the ability to change the color of the title bar and color status bar of your android to be matched with the color of the site that you’re browsing, but with this version This is no longer the case to match somewhat with the behavior of Samsung browser.

Second: New Media Player:

Last December added a new video player on both the Chrome Dev and Canary, and the elements operating in the white bar at the bottom, but now there is a new design to deal with the transport controls “Play, Pause” to the center of the screen, with the transfer of the rest of the other elements to the top, and most importantly technical support or refer for rapid Double on aspects of the screen, just like the YouTube application.

Other features:

As is the case includes Chrome 66 changes for both users and developers, the following are some of these advantages:

  • Programming interface Async Clipboard API new designed to address the under decking, with the addition of two new permissions that can be used to write to the clipboard or read the clipboard, and we both get HTTPS sites, and are only in the tab open in this way there will be no mess with the clipboard data, and if you don’t want any website that requests access to the “clipboard”, there is the option of a new portfolio in the Site Settings Chrome. There you can block any websites from using the water.
  • Accounts support CSS in the media queries.
  • Enabling the interface software to decode the encryption information, which allow websites to know the media formats which can be less decrypt it by default.
  • Sites can now enable auto-capitalization in any text field adjustable.
  • Can web applications that now serve as a payment processor for websites that use Application Programming Interface Web Payment
  • Support for WebSockets over HTTP / 2 right now.

Finally you can download Chrome 66 beta to get file. APK from here, or download Chrome browser demo from the store Google Play.


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