Version Chrome 71 on the Android platform offers a web application to the list of problems of the system

إصدار كروم 71 على أندرويد يُقدّم تطبيقات الويب إلى قائمة مشاركة النظام

Before the days of the now announced Google for making available a copy 71 of the browser Chrome on both Windows, Mac and Linux, followed the launch version on the Android operating system, and then there was the advantage did not pay attention to it users is browser support to show web apps in the share menu system on the Android platform.

Where if you remember, last year enabled the Google application programming interface problems web in version Chrome 61, which allowed web applications to share text or images for major applications, for example you can share a link to tweets by clicking on a button in the web application “Twitter Lite”, but now the duty of the new joint works the opposite, where they can be web applications to register themselves as items in the share menu of Android.

Turn won’t show web application in a box watch the system until you add to your home screen, so no need to worry about random sites that appear next to the main applications, and now can not only receive text and images from web apps, the send files will come later.

Finally a version of Chrome 71 up gradually to Android users, in the case of non-arrival you simply load it via the file the the APK from here.

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