Version detected Game Of Thrones of the Galaxy Fold stud earrings gold


Maybe you’ve heard about the company Russian Caviar which you customize some high-end smartphones such as the iPhone by giving her some gold and diamonds. Well, I’ve decided that the Russian company today, to move forward in its work and to disclose very own copy of the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, which was postponed its release in the market due to some quality problems. This new version of the Galaxy Fold used her idea of the famous series Game Of Thrones, the novel that had not yet ratified titled ” Winds of winter “.

Is covered the outer part of the Galaxy Fold titled Gold, in reference to the story of ” a song of ice and fire ” Famous, which is about her company HBO s series Game Of Thrones, which ended finally in the last week. Company Caviar that it will launch seven units with unique design which is already available for pre-order.


According to the press statement, it says : ” start the sales process when you start the Samsung company officially selling the Galaxy Fold “. Of course, the series Game Of Thrones don’t impress everyone, so the company offers Caviar design two simplified two phone Galaxy Fold based on carbon fiber, leather, and of course more gold. Price version Game Of Thrones of the Galaxy Fold is 999000 rubles, which is equivalent to 7700 USD.

Company offers Caviar of these women to the public world at a higher capacity 8180 USD, which means that the copy of Game Of Thrones of the Galaxy Fold cost four times the price of the original version of $ 1980 USD.


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