Version for Oppo upcoming smartphone supports networks of the fifth generation

The company stressed that Oppo through its conference held today that the next issue of the possible phone comes with support of networks of the fifth generation, it also has a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

Oppo- next flagship -5G

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Provided the company Oppo introduced in Congress today to reveal the future of the next versions of smartphones, as it prepares to launch a new version of smartphones during the second quarter of 2019 comes with optical zoom hybrid is even 10 times more Without to decrease the quality of audio production.

Also confirmed for Oppo to be released to the next of premium smartphones called technical networks of the fifth generation also has a chip Snapdragon processor 855, where the projections indicate that the same version possible settings three for the rear with the zoom feature up to 10 times, as it has demonstrated the company a quick overview of the phone without disclosing any details or specifications.

5G cloud gaming

As indicated Oppo to the spread of networking technology the fifth generation in the company’s devices will feature 5G cloud gaming to the players, where the players can get fast experience in cloud gaming characteristic without any delay in response and the width of the tire.

There is no doubt that meeting all of these techniques in the special phone will bring him a lot of users, so we expect the official announcement of the launch of the phone Oppo next to the markets.


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