Version of the phone OPPO Reno Ace report is the first in the world

Confirmed Chinese manufacturer they will appear for the first time a phone lead allows for OPPO Reno Ace in October, are expected to have the smartphone with the master backed by the capabilities of super-charging the speed, today confirmed the vice president of OPPO Brian sheen to the Renault ace will use fast charging technology 65W SuperVOOC, confirm the last publication of Weibo from Shen that the company will be widely disseminated faster techniques for Quick Charge 65 watts SuperVOOC in the World phone for OPPO Reno Ace coming in October.

Some of the specifications of the phone OPPO Reno Ace

OPPO Reno Ace هاتف يصدر في أكتوبر بتقنية هي الأولى في العالمOPPO Reno Ace phone released in October of the report is the first in the world

This technology is faster than 50W SuperVOOC fast charging technology that have become available on smart phone for OPPO R17 Pro last year, allowed the phone to get energy by 40% by shipping for only 10 minutes. It is rumored that the smartphone OPPO Reno Ace is equipped with a display with a frequency of 90 Hz, are likely to be telephone Reno Ace’s mysterious phone tail curved edges too, which was the signal in July of this year, revealed photos which is posted by Xin at the time that the phone features a framework of high and low very high and aspects of the university is almost non-existent.

This allows the phone providing space to display nearly 100 per cent, it remains to be seen whether the show the least degree of the phone coupled with the camera at the bottom of the screen, or it will include the camera module pop-up, no other details are available about the smartphone OPPO Reno Ace so far, due to the fact that his phone is a leading it can be characterized by a Snapdragon 855+ portable, it is likely that the company Shen leaking more information about the specifications of the smartphone in the coming days, launch date, exact phone currently it is the month of October next.

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