Version Opera 52 allows you to save pages in PDF format with other improvements

إصدار أوبرا 52 يُتيح لك حفظ الصفحات بتنسيق PDF مع تحسينات أخرى

These days no longer print web pages, emails, common among users, especially when you keep a copy of your reservation travel, however given that mobile phones with everyone most of the people now have an electronic copy of these documents, but there are times where one has to save a page as a PDF file, and surprising that Chrome doesn’t allow this by default, but with the latest version of the Opera browser in the Android became supports it, making it easier to store documents or share them.

Where in the version of Opera 52, you can as a user of Android save a web page as a PDF file on your phone click the menu button, just as if you page application, so it allows you to choose the format, direction, and also pages that you have saved, in case of not appropriate some, you can also create a copy of the document using the share menu Android.

إصدار أوبرا 52 يُتيح لك حفظ الصفحات بتنسيق PDF مع تحسينات أخرى

As and this new version to improve switching between tabs, thanks to the new look and feel, not to mention repair some of the minor problems and improve the potential of VPN and video playback built-in, finally, and as noted previously, this version is currently available on the store Google Play just, lose iOS of the natural to see the update coming for them in the coming period.

Download version Opera 52 from here.

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