Version Ramadan Iftar for the game of the global strategy Clash of Kings

Version Ramadan new and exclusive to help you in getting numerous characteristics to the quality of the game character very interesting. Think Clash of Kings is one of the oldest strategy games in the world arena where exceeded the number of downloads of the game in the first year to launch imaginary numbers crossed the barrier of 60 million download.

Think the basic idea of the game on the development of the buildings within the game where there are several buildings and each building a particular function will help you in setup, installation and basic before you apply for the processing of Army equipment to fight the pitched battles with various leaders from the rest of the Arab states and the world in the different kingdoms.

Given the importance of the month of Ramadan the number of Arab players in the game, I took the management of the game on the shoulders of her processing of the events possible and exciting as well as launch the expansion of exclusive entitled “Ramadan nights of the Witch ” has a new expansion on the version of hero cart exclusive and fun characteristics with a high level enables players to be the bride of the living atmosphere of the Warriors of Arabia during medieval battles.

The issuance of the appearance of the castle is a new subject of history, Arab heritage, so that players from participation and to show the Arab identity of their own for the rest of the players around the world by adding the appearance of the castle is Arab Falcon golden castle of their own with the effect of the Crescent Lantern possible of the castle.

I got the global game Clash of Kings on the 5 recommendations in platforms : Apple, Google, Huawei,Amazon perfect location gives quick access Bazaar. This is the result of the big game and what has been prepared of possible events and exciting Ramadan.

Where the cavalry of the Arab represent the passion and tradition has been equipped new troops and exclusive within this awareness , think of these forces on the properties is high compared with the rest of the units in the game to fit the description of the army forces in fierce battles against the rest of the enemies.

Coinciding with the live the atmosphere of Ramadan through the game and share the details of your company’s Precious has been the inclusion of many of the wonderful events which reflect the most important traditions and active players in the Arab world this by clicking on the icon of the Crescent in the main interface within the game.

This has been the processing of surprises and other rewards through this awareness, specially the players sweat in the game , you can learn new through download the game…

Clash of Kings – CoK



ELEX Wireless

Size207.6 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


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