Version Silver the new Galaxy Note 9 will be available in this Arab state!

Since a few days back a leak about the Galaxy Note 9, was not important to us in the Arab states until only yesterday, as news about the work of Samsung on the production version of the silver phone Galaxy Note 9 to the United States of America, but the news did not stay away from the Arab world anymore.

The silver version of the Galaxy Note 9 soon in the markets of Saudi Arabia

Where she explained the latest news that Samsung has plans to launch a silver version of the new Galaxy Note 9 globally in 30 countries besides the United States, and Saudi Arabia and is the gateway to the new phone home.

The report detailed that Samsung will begin selling the Silver Version new in 31 countries around the world have been classified in alphabetical order:

There’s nothing on the list, only one Arab country which is Saudi Arabia, but this might make it available in the rest of the Arab states after that.

At present it is not clear when Will Samsung release new phone, however it should be noted that the prices will remain as they are without change.

This means that in the United States will cost style silver 128 GB $ 999, while staying style silver 512 GB 1250$.

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