Version watchOS 5 is now available to users hours Apple Smart

This theme version watchOS 5 is now available to users hours Apple Smart appeared on Engadget.

Now users can Hours Apple smart experience the new features provided in watchOS 5, which was officially launched now.

watchOS 5

Supports major version of watchOS 5 hours Apple smartphone starting from Series 1 until the last version of the hour Apple’s smart.

Of nurses offered by Apple in this version of watchOS 5, the favorite apps that offers hours Apple for the first time.

Also offering Apple improvements in performance, and one assistant Siri, along with a set of tools and more than a new face of the company, with the application of the Walkie-Talkie new, for download between the hours Apple.

It also comes watchOS 5 other advantages we use it during the next lines:

Features watchOS 5 tools and features to support new user status always active, with the call lasting, stable control for the health of the user.

Can for Apple Smart now with watchOS 5 to learn the user’s activity in racing, with automatic recording fast when you start training, practicing yoga, hiking.

It also provides a version favorite apps and Walkie-Talkie with their new smartwatch, with improvements assistant Siri.

Activity - watchOS 5

Feature Activity in watchOS 5
  • The possibility to start and Share challenge activity or training with your friends for a week.
  • The user can score more points in the challenge and competition between friends with daily activities.
  • View the results of the competition aspect with friends in the tab of the joint development Activity.
  • A smart technique to receive notifications and customized on-site competition
  • The awards are designed to develop the Activity can be reviewed by the winner with the tab Awards with a new design.
The advantage of training in watchOS 5
  • Registration is quick and automatic when you start training the user, with alerts to launch the workouts for more exercises, with alert also at the end of exercise time.
  • The ability to track user activity metrics are more accurate when walking or practicing yoga.
  • The feature set the goal to be achieved at the start of exercise in the open places, to alert you when a delay in achieving the goal, or when achievement of the goal of the training.
  • Follow-up minutes to the pace of user activity, speed in the performance of exercises on a scale step per minute, view a summary of the results of the exercises.
  • Scale in miles or km at the exercise sport jogging.


The application of Podcasts in watchOS 5
  • Now the user can synchronize the presentations shared by the Via favorite apps to be running the show via the Bluetooth headset for the Apple Watch smart.
  • Updated ready for new episodes of shows that are suspected by the user on the application.
  • Broadcast any of the episodes or the offers on the favorite apps when you call Siri Wi-Fi networks or mobile networking.
  • Podcasts new to the smartphone arena.

 Walkie-Talkie -  watchOS 5

The advantage of Walkie-Talkie in the issuance of watchOS 5
  • The feature to invite friends from users of Apple Watch smart for download via the application of Walkie-Talkie in the previous
  • The user can the constant pressure to or release the button to listen.
  • Voice operations and notifications relevant to the application of Walkie-Talkie.
  • The possibility to adjust the position to determine the scope of your availability.
  • The app works through Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

Watch Faces-watchOS 5-1

Watch Faces-watchOS 5-2

Watch Faces-watchOS 5-3

Feature Watch Faces in watchOS 5
  • Provide Apple three dials possible for a smart watch with version watchOS 5, where the user can choose between 3 aspects of the Breathe face, which is Classic and Calm and also Focus.
  • Featuring faceted new design and moving charges, with 3 choices are water, fire, or Steam, or design a liquid metal.
  • The new fee move when you move the wrist of the user, or clicking on the screen.
  • Display feature images from the image library on the screen with a choice of Memories in the image of the face of the smart watch.

 Siri-  watchOS 5

Improvements to Siri in watchOS 5
  • Comes Siri one of the new interactive in this version, with shortcuts suggestions appear according to the user’s activity, location, time.
  • Integration with the application of Apple Maps to display the directions accurately.
  • User support when requested quick information about heart rate, or measuring rate of rest, the sword, or to measure the rate of recovery.
  • If you have a favorite sport you know on your TV Apple, the Siri works on the presentation of the results of your favorite team.
  • Support for third-party applications on the Apple Watch smart.
  • The possibility to activate Siri via a Raise to Speak, where the user can control and command authority, a feature available for the issuance of Series 3 or the new version.
  • Supports customizable voice commands to activate shortcuts for Siri.


Notifications in watchOS 5
  • Automatic management of notifications received by the application where are collected in one group to the user.
  • The possibility of identifying the favorite in the notifications by scrolling to the left in the center of notifications.
  • A new feature to receive notifications in a calm and transfer it to the Notification Center without interrupting the user any notifications.
  • Feature set the feature do not disturb after a set calendar, time, to the side of the site.
The advantage of Heart Rate in watchOS 5
  • Work new feature now alerts the user when low heart rate or reliability of a user for more than 10 minutes.
  • More than a measure of heart rate in different situations, when rest, sword, or recovery where working Siri on the results display on the screen.

Also among other features that come watchOS 5 the following features:

  • View the content of this site on the internet conveniently for Apple when you receive the links via mail.
  • Add cities for the weather app on Apple Watch
  • More metrics on the Apple Watch, such as UV Index, wind speed, and air quality in areas that are supported by the application of the weather.
  • The allocation of codes to the Control Center.
  • The possibility of choosing a feature to call via Wi-Fi network and the password of the call.
  • Reply feature for voice calls over FaceTime and video calls across the yard.
  • Add new cities to the world Clock.
  • Possibility to use the new icons for the select emoji in the messaging app.

A lot of the features that made the Apple in this version, where users can start their experience now on smart watches.


This theme version watchOS 5 is now available to users hours Apple Smart appeared on Engadget.

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