Version Xbox upcoming Project Scarlett will be released next year 2020

Follow the Microsoft published details about the next version of the gaming platform out of Xbox, which seems to them that the company is fully ready to face a rival platform to its arch-PlayStation 5, the company announced that its new platform and the symbolic name of Project Scarlett will be used to custom processor-core AMD processors Zen 2 with memory GDDR6, with sufficient power processors and graphics, and allows running games strictly 8K.

This is in addition to the ability to track light in real time at a rate of frames 120 frames per second, as will also attempt to eliminate the problem of load times using SSD storage, which can serve as a memory after, as she also claimed that the new product will be stronger by about 4 times that of Xbox One X, with the increase in performance up to 40 times the speed of storage compared with the current generation, as for to the first games area will be within the catalog of its Halo Infinite when version in 2020.

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