Vertu sharing bankruptcy phone price 5000 $

Vertu تقاوم الإفلاس بهاتف سعره 5000 دولار

Typically the Vertu, the British specialized in the production of phones offers a new after the declaration of bankruptcy before revealed Aster P New.

Prior to the technical specifications of the phone comes to the exterior design where aspects of the phone is made of titanium a material that is extremely strong while the back is made of crocodile skin, lizards, the screen is covered with sapphire blue instead of glass since Sapphire is more scratch resistant than glass but it is less resistant to shocks, the case of the phone.

In the side of the phone there is a small door which when you open it you can put slices SIM connectivity but there is another door which when you open it you’ll find the flashing which is the signature of the person who manufactures your phone where to assemble the phone is separately.

It might be a bit funny when you talk about the technical specifications of your phone, in the era of 18th to 9 the era of large-screen phone comes with a screen 4.2-inch and if you are willing to forgive this young man that comes from the type more accurately and 1920 * 1080 pixels, you have to know the rest of the specifications.

Phone which its price is $ 5000 comes Qualcomm economic Snapdragon 660 that comes in the phones priced at less than $ 200 as well as 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, will stand rack when the RAM and the interior?

The phone also comes with a battery capacity of 3200 mah in addition to a rear camera with 12 megapixel, yes one lens and not two, in addition to the front camera accurately 20-megapixel camera as the phone operating system Android Oreo when he came out of the box.

The most unusual thing is that the phone will allow this time in China where the phone is priced at 35800 yuan 5167 $ if you want color white black, if you want a golden color, you have to pay 98000 yuan any 14146 $ to buy these pieces that do not have any value.

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