Viacom acquires television broadcast service Pluto TV is compared to 340 million USD


May be some of you have heard of Pluto TV, they are a free service to broadcast TV provide access to hundreds of channels through its official website on the web and through applications on mobile devices despite the fact that they know advertising. There is no monthly subscription, this means that you can watch content for free as long as you can deal with the ads. And, apparently, this service drew the attention of the company Viacom, which now decided to take over Pluto TV versus US $ 340 million in cash.

The company announced the Viacom officially announced today that it has entered into a final agreement to get the service Pluto TV versus US $ 340 million in cash. It should be noted that the establishment of service Pluto TV in the year 2013, comprising more than 100 channels ranging from news, sports, lifestyle, comedy, animation and more. The service more than 130 partnerships with media networks and studios big.

Why did you decide company Viacom acquisition service Pluto TV? Well, it seems that the company Viacom want to take advantage of the popularity of Pluto TV promotion broadcast services payments, which include Noggin, and Comdey Central Now. This acquisition is the purchase of Viacom direct access to millions of consumers and will serve as the engine of marketing is important to attract more customers to the paid services mentioned above.

Moreover, this page also provides a new platform to distribute content Viacom Digital Studios after Channel AwesomenessTV already available on the service Pluto TV.


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