Viber application will get the advantages of quick responses and the status of the conversation and more

تطبيق Viber سيحصل على مزايا الردود السريعة وحالة المحادثة وأكثر

When it comes to the application messaging, and father are struggling to increase their market share and, of course, be it through new features, part of it was the team work of the application “Viber” famous, busy in improving his bride, and through the added weight to the dark and edit sent messages, however, there are some features missing, like the quick responses and conversation.

Now, through the next version of the Viber application on Android and iOS, finally these advantages mentioned will make their way to investigate, therefore will be able to users from scrolling to a message to respond to you, just as you do in WhatsApp, although this may seem a small change, but it makes talking about a certain topic faster and more pronounced.

In addition, the list of chat main case of a particular conversation, and will, therefore if someone has read your message or write a reply, or if you have a draft pending, so once you take a peek at the list, similarly you will see the type of attachment that I received to find out quickly if someone has sent a photo or video or poster.

There will be facilitate large aims to see communities that you share with a particular person, which you can access directly from the screen of information when you talk to them, and the desktop app will tide some additional protection, so users could lock chat password.

Finally, it is expected to be introduced this feature this month to users of Android and iOS, and although it Improvements A Benefit, had of Viber provide users a while ago, especially that most of it was available on WhatsApp since the foot.

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