Vice former British Prime Minister Nick Clegg is expected of international affairs on Facebook

نائب رئيس الوزراء البريطاني السابق نك كليغ يتولى الشئون الدولية في فيسبوك

After the constant scandals and pressures to which Facebook around the world, the company has taken a new resolution, hoping to improve their public image, and the appointment of a British Nick Clegg as an administrator of international affairs and communication in the company.

It was Nick Clegg had served as vice-president of the former British Prime Minister David Cameron after the discharge the British elections of 2010 and its consequences that resulted in his arrival for being the head of the Liberal Democratic Party, has remained in his position until 2015, when a change of the British government, led by Theresa May.

In fact, not it seems that Facebook made this decision as a kind of plan to make a new post, but was forced to take a step similar after the decision to leave Eliot charger for home, but improves the company’s selection British politician earlier than others. Will Clegg assumed his duties in January next after the expiry of the procedure for the recusal charger fully.

It can be said that serving the company in the new appointment is not being Clegg served as senior vice president of the British cabinet, but being a process as a trade body the European Commission, which will help Facebook on the face of the biggest problems globally and with the laws of the European Union.

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