Vice President, Apple: children who use chromacake “will not succeed”

Apple has officially started selling its fresh notebook, 16-inch powerful MacBook Pro. In honor of this event, senior Vice President of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller gave an interview to CNET in order to promote the new device worth of 2,399 USD. But apparently, Mr. Schiller was carried away, said the fact that children (and students) who use chromacake for training, quote, “will not succeed”.

Phil Schiller really spoke negatively about the chromebook users

Why Apple does not like chromebooks

Just so you didn’t think we rip out a phrase out of context, first, in the beginning of the article we left the link to the source, and, secondly, now here is the full translation of the statements of Vice-President of Apple company.

Many years ago we conducted research in the field of education about the importance and role of technology in education. About how they can help in the learning process. The result of this study was that successful in school, students most involved in the world of high technology. Children and students who really want to learn with the use of high technology, will have greater success. It is easy to understand why they don’t like to do in the classroom. You must have these advanced learning tools to help them really achieve the best results.

But the Chromebook is not capable of. Chromebooks hit the classroom, let’s be honest, because they are cheap tools for testing. If all you want to do is to check the level of knowledge of children, it is possible that a cheap laptop can handle it. But with him, they will not succeed.

Of course, there’s no doubt that chromebooks is a successful device. Chrome OS is the only operating system for personal computers, which for the last few years have shown a steady growth. More than 60% of all mobile computer equipment purchased today educational institutions is chromebooks. In 2016 the Chromebook for the first time ahead of the system on the basis of the macOS. As Schiller promotes laptops, he is undoubtedly aware of this.

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Schiller says that chromebooks is bad from the point of view of the market. He says that children who learn produco Apple such as the iPad or MacBook will be more “inspired” to succeed in school, and if the same student uses a Chromebook instead, of “inspiration” will never happen. Schiller forgets that the main reason why chromebooks are so fond of the institution and the students is that they are cheap, reliable, simple and safe to use. Of course, iPad and MacBook also reliable and safe, but they certainly are not the cheapest devices in its segment. What do you think about the statements of Vice-President Apple? Write your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

So let’s summarize: Phil Schiller, a multimillionaire who runs the richest company in the history of mankind, says about the huge success of cheap chromebooksthat use students of all ages simply because it’s what they can afford. If Shiller really believes that enough Chromebook inspires millions of students, why Apple does not start the real competition in this area?

It chromebook. Inspiring? But Phil Schiller was not very

Where cheap, reliable, simple, durable and safe MacBook, which at an affordable price-suited for school systems? Where incredibly simple and versatile version of macOS, or the iPad OS, which will allow system administrators to even the smallest educational institutions to easily and effectively manage a huge fleet of devices? All this is not. But there is a mythical “inspiration”, which will only come in if you buy a new MakBook. Preferably in the maximum configuration and with an extended warranty. So it’s for sure!

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