Vice President of Huawei: excel in innovation and development, and this Launch Date processor Kirin 980

Made by Bruce Lee, the Deputy Head of the sector of mobile devices at the Huawei global and Huawei, the statements are important, during his visit to Egypt, which together with the Director of two offices in different countries of the world periodically, to check on the progress of work in each market separately.

He praised Bruce Lee to achieve Huawei Egypt results good occupation ranked first in the Egyptian market over the last two months, stated that Huawei is launching the latest products Kirin 980, which will happen the boom in the mobile market, it is the first chip Chipset supported by technology, Nano-voltmeter, as will be Processor a great development in the technique of artificial intelligence AI.

Around the innovation and development that interest you the Huawei, explained Bruce Lee that the company is facing 3 challenges, the first being the development of batteries for phones, which is no longer measured by the number of leading amp hours as far as sharing the technology that support them to achieve the highest efficiency.

The second challenge is to the camera, in a sign that Huawei was the only one that has launched the phone with 3 cameras 6 months ago, and nobody noticed until now, while the second challenge, says Bruce Lee, relates to the ongoing development in artificial intelligence AI.

Added Bruce Lee to Huawei’s implementation of 10 % of its revenue on research and development, which is the size of the investment is very large, about one-third of these investments be directed to develop a chip that includes the processor, memory, random memory, interior and graphics (GPU), one-third of the investment allocated to research and development is directed to the manufacture of phones and designs by various, and the last third of the investment is directed to develop technology for the future.

Bruce confirmed to me that Huawei don’t have their centers of research and development in the Middle East or Africa, but are considered in the development of their products constantly on the centers of Huawei’s products, which include staff at the highest efficiency to study the needs and requirements of the users, especially the Arab region.

As for the differences between the artificial intelligence that rely on Huawei in comparison with competitors, has Bruce confirmed to me that artificial intelligence is possible in the Processor Kirin 970 depends on the NPU – unit neural processing – built on the hardware, and of operating efficiency, reduce battery consumption and provide experience using exceptional than other companies that rely on Qualcomm’s processors which host processor only or the Graphics Card.

And about the lack of phones has Huawei categories higher compared to its competitors like Samsung and Apple, said that the series phones MATE the highest category from Huawei and depend on the performance, design and battery, which confirms its presence in the senior category, and soon will launch the Huawei phone Mate 20 with processor Kirin 980 which will be a boom in the characteristics of artificial intelligence as well as the camera and charging haven’t experienced their smart phones in advance.

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