Vice President of Huawei: the extra pieces was the idea of our design before Apple

There is no doubt that P20 Pro is an excellent mark in the history of Huawei, after you get its phones on the evaluation “very good for a phone tray”.

Photography in the P20 Pro is not excellent, but we can say that it is better currently when it comes to shooting in Night mode.

Featuring a series P20 also the color of “Twilight,” which gives behind the phone, the Color Purple tends to turquoise with a touch glossy.

But this color is almost not existent.

In an exclusive interview, the newspaper Forbes, Vice President, business Products Division phones “I was told by many in the Working Group that the color of the “twilight” too exaggerated, the better is the color of the pure”.

But he answered, “you don’t represent everyone’s opinion”.

According to Li Changchun, the company was excited which didn’t unleash their ideas, this was an important moment for the company.

He also reported that Huawei was considering cutting the screen adopted by the iPhone X and Android phones including P20 and soon all phones, 3 years ago, but it fell “because the consumers, especially the Chinese love design replication, and so was unsuitable piece”.

Li Changchun

But cutting the screen, although it breaks the symmetrical object, is undoubtedly useful, especially Android phones, where the status bar is more important (from the iOS system, according to me), and there is always space in the middle, not too busy, why not take advantage of them? Which is what is doing the cutting, where it pushes the status bar up, giving the user a larger screen in the same size phone.

He tells me he adopted this view when used vivo V9, and acknowledged to Apple TV that the widget performs its function, describing its decision as”bold”.

Description of me, read Apple’s running was honest here as news Forbes, unlike the irony of the iPhone 7 after its launch months, saying, “get rid of the outlet the sky, a bold decision”.

He told me also, that they missed the opportunity to sport design and cut the screen “because they were so excited and cautious.” But we “we become more daring after that.”

Source: Forbes

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