Vice president of Meizu company published the first official image of the phone Meizu 16s Pro the next of the company

Meizu 16s Pro

Was Phone Meizu 16s Pro the focus of a number of rumors in the past, and now the company decided to Meizu to share some official information to keep the hype surrounding the phone, and here’s the first official image of the phone.

Design round frame is slim and makes the phone Meizu 16s Pro looks similar to very phone Meizu 16s current. However, despite the similarities in design, you’ll get the Meizu phone 16s new upgrade on the gear level, it is estimated that the processor +Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, the screen is AMOLED Advanced with a rate update reaches 90Hz, although the accuracy will remain in the range of +FullHD.

It has not been confirmed yet, although these specifications have been posted briefly on the official website to buy the Meizu. Anyway, I didn’t hear a lot about the camera so there’s a chance to be the back of the phone Meizu 16s Pro matching one phone Meizu 16s rear. The only thing that has been confirmed by US company Meizu officially is it going to dislodge the curtain officially announced the phone Meizu 16s Pro in day 28 of the month of August, which means on the last Wednesday of this month.

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