Video – ad for the Apple TV see the battery life in the iPhone XR

Broadcast Apple TV a new promotional video for iTouch XR on the official YouTube channel of its own. Phone see iPhone XR that the iPhone is the battery the best so far.فيديو - إعلان لآبل يروج لعمر البطارية في هاتف آيفون XR

فيديو - إعلان لآبل يروج لعمر البطارية في هاتف آيفون XR

Advertising short 30 seconds of filming his idea was based on that the user will feel drowsy and loses his energy before he does Phone iPhone XR that. Whether you’re watching a video or playing a game will the battery while it won’t hold up the user in front of the sleepy feeling will be in sleep.

Away from the official figures released by Apple about the battery performance in phones and the iPhone which are typically exaggerated, the battery of the iPhone XR are the longest-lived where you can hold up to 11 hours of use so superior to batteries phones iPhone other as we pointed out earlier in the performance tests battery for iPhone XR.

In the ad we see people using their phones, such as sleep, which is usually unhealthy and do not encourage them, because exposure to blue light emanating from the screen affects the biological clock in the brain which may cause sleep problems as well as straining the eyes.

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