Video advertising vertical will turn to YouTube in the near future

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Wasn’t the video vertical is very popular on YouTube in the beginning, but because more people are facing record videos and submit them to the House of this body, for some reason, the product first to see and watch the videos in the world have undergone changes to make sure that they provide a better viewing experience for videos vertical to its users. Because YouTube is dependent on ads to improve income, it is no wonder to see that the service will now display advertising vertical on the platform.

I’ve provided the YouTube for the first time mobile users watching videos vertical full size without the black bars in the past year. Expanded YouTube this feature earlier this year to also to home users on web browsers. Now, the company will seek advertisers to display video ads vertical.

What this means is that when you know the YouTube player that is watching a video column on the mobile device, it will broaden the advertising based on the dimensions of the video. Ads will be vertical greater than horizontal ads on mobile devices will be 75 percent of the screen.

Will be expanding the declaration to cover the entire screen if the user clicks on it. It will provide ” a large plate and deliver your message on mobile devices and allow to connect with your customers in a way that suits the preferences of the viewing, “ at least according to what announced by the company in its announcement to advertisers.

Referred to YouTube to advertisers demanded the possibility of showing video ads to vertical a while ago, so now she gave them what they asked for.


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