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To choose the right gaming chair is not an easy task. Recently we in edition were one seat from the manufacturer whose name is on the hearing and which is often found on the game controllers and other products for gamers. We are ready to tell about him.

Got to us a chair is called Tesoro TS-F710. Sold it, as all the major competitors in a big carton. The chair itself disassembled into a few parts, but Assembly takes just 10 minutes, after which you can enjoy the gameplay or work on the computer.

At the base of the chair strong steel crosspiece, which carries five wheels. Designed to withstand weight up to 120 pounds, and its curb weight is 23 pounds

Such weight is achieved due to the wide applications in metal construction. Made of it not only the Foundation, but also the frame. This allows you to make the chair is not only strong, but tough.

Wheel chairs not just plastic, they have a polyurethane coating that ensures good rolling and sparing attitude to the floor.

The main part of the chair is covered with polyurethane artificial leather. This material is very durable, but modern technology has long been allowed to do it so that it is not much inferior to natural materials.

The choice available three colors. The main part of the chair will always be black and the inserts will be white, red or black — as in our case.

Height of chair from seat to top of back is 78 inches, and the dimensions of the seat 58 centimeters by 55 centimeters. Height from floor is adjustable from 35 inches to 43 inches, and dimensions of the base are equal to 69 centimeters.

Like any good gaming chair in the design of the Tesoro TS-F710 with adjustable armrests for height, height and angle relative to the user. The armrests themselves have a soft finish which will be nice for hands by relying on them.

The backrest also has adjustable. On the right is a lever that allows you to lean back 90 degrees to a strictly vertical position. Thus, the back will be parallel to the ground floor and you can lie. In all intermediate positions the backrest is also fixed.

In addition, there is another mode of rolling, which includes a lever under the seat and allows you to gently bounce the whole structure. And for even more comfort there are two pillows. One is mounted on the back of the chair under the waist and one below the head. Both pillows are included.

The cost of the chair Tesoro TS-F710 is about 15000 rubles. For the money it is a very good option. Separately pleased that it does not creak like some other chairs which can be comfortable, but the creaking greatly reduces the comfort level.

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