Video and photos of the new phone Mi 8 killer of Shao, with the advantage of Animojis

Company intends to Shawnee on Thursday will hold a special event to announce the phone by the associated with Xiaomi Mi-8.

Company Shaw on 31 May to hold a special event in the city of Shenzhen Chinese to advertise her smart phone associated with Xiaomi Mi-8, which will come instead of Mi 7 (or at least with him) celebrating 8 years of existence.

During the past leaked online videos, photos, and details related to the specifications of the phone associated with, prior to about a week back on YouTube a video phone Shawty with account fingerprint under the screen that come with a bump.

Then he appeared on YouTube also a video of what is said to be a phone from Shawty with back transparent with two cameras backgrounds similar to my camera phone iPhone X from Apple. Talk to registration and the other for a phone with a processor type Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and the three-dimensional scan of the face. Also talking about random access memory “RAM” size of 8 GB, and battery capacity of 4,000 mAh with wireless charging support.

Today, leaked online video reveals that the Chinese company intends to launch their own version of the service emoji interactive Animojis provided by Apple first with the iPhone X in the month of September last, the then made by Samsung in my phone Galaxy S9 earlier than the current year.

As leaked images of a promotional for the phone associated with match up with what leaked earlier, the screen appears the same extrusion and the camera background, but the phone appears in blue only and is not transparent.

Think Shao announced the Xiaomi Mi 8 next Thursday, and even that day may have been seeing a lot of leaks relating to the phone.

What do you expect to make Shawty in the phone Mi 8 high? Share your opinion the comments.


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