Video clip reviews the design of the phone Realme X2 Pro

Back phone Realme X2 Pro in vivid pictures confirmed a lot of the specifications of the phone, and Today show video reveals the design of the phone in white psoriatic.

Applies the conference of the Realme day 15 of October for the official announcement about the phone and its associated Realme X2 Pro, which was the focus of numerous leaks over the past period, and new reveals about the phone in the video clip offers a look clearer on the phone Realme X2 Pro.

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Posted on Weibo a video clip phone Realme X2 Pro in white Pearl which is made from the company earlier in the phone Realme XT, except that the phone Realme X2 Pro comes with the settings a quad for the rear.

Also features a telephone Realme X2 Pro to design my head cable car the back of the phone, while it comes the logo of the Realme to the bottom of the settings of the camera to the right.

Comes the power button at the right side of the window phone Realme X2 Pro, while button comes control audio in the left side, as the phone comprises a USB port C in the lower part, with separate 3.5 mm headphone, microphone and amplifier.

Phone Realme X2 Pro comes with a display size of 6.5 inches, as the phone features a built top. in the screen, the phone features a processor chip Snapdragon 855 Plus, with the random memory 12 GB RAM, also supports a refresh rate of 90Hz at the screen, it features two speakers and stereos, also supports fast charging technology of the charger capacity of 50W.


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