Video clip reviews the performance of the fast charging technology with capacity 120W in phone iQOO 5

Applies phone iQOO 5 in the event vivo to be held on the 17th of August, the first version comes to market with fast charging capacity of 120W, and I’ve reviewed a video clip recently published the performance of the charging technology in the new battery the phone iQOO 5.

Count on telephone iQOO 5 through TUV Rheinland prepared to advertise soon for this version, I have revealed the video clip for the performance of the fast charging technology with capacity 120W support phone iQOO 5, where the phone came the temperature is high during the charging at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

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It was also a test of the efficiency of the charging jack to support the user even 10,000 times, it also can provide shipping to support the battery up to 600 charge cycles, as can the battery work with natural cycles shipping.

Also came fast charging technology perform well in environments characterized by temperature ranging between 20 and 130 ° C, where the technical support to protect the battery with the cells 6C to the highest standards as approved TUV Rheinland standards of protection for voltage and current electrical technology.

Recall that the leaks other on the phone iQOO 5 revealed other details about the phone that supports refresh rate of 120Hz in the AMOLED screen, also comes quickly to the screen come 240Hz, as the phone supports color from the colors of the DCI-P3 100% is the highest standards in training colors.


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