Video – confirmation of the top three features coming in the Galaxy S10 from Samsung!

The countdown has started short to launch three Samsung home the Galaxy S10, we already know a lot about what it would be all of them, now published samsung refrigerator of videos propaganda’s official emphasize the most prominent features of the family of Galaxy S10.

First: fingerprint sensor built-in screen

The first feature which explains the video above is the fingerprint sensor built-in display, which we’ll see in two of the three Samsung, namely the Galaxy S10 + and S10 standard, while the phone comes smaller Galaxy S10e sensor fingerprint built-in power button on the side of the phone.

Possible in this article to the title and description General video refers particularly to the technique of “ultrasound”, which confirms that Samsung will be way faster and more accurate fingerprint identification via the display other than those that we see in Android phones current.

Secondly: wireless charging reverse

The second major feature and new phones Galaxy S10 is a technique of Reverse Charging Wireless, which is revealed by the recent leaks, which will transform your Galaxy S10 to the unit for wireless charging for any other device.

Third: the front-facing camera with OIS and video recording accurately 4K

Second video and the last one emphasizes the feature of recording video in 4K quality for the front camera in the three phones, with optical image stabilizer OIS, which allows to capture images with high quality without any distortion.

Finally, it will be officially announced the new phones in less than a week from now, we wait with you and eagerly to learn more of the specifications of the Galaxy S10.

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