Video – do you Evo XR strong enough?!

A few days ago launched the Apple officially of consumers the iPhone is Cheaper this year iPhone XR starting price of $ 750, which made a lot of lovers of the Apple accept to buy it, but you are affected by follow-up phone at the price its cheap huh?

The YouTube channel famous JerryRigEverything published a special video tests to follow up the Evo XR New, where Review Video power download phone Apple colored front attempts to scratching, pressure and breakage etc.

The beginning of attempts to scratch the phone’s performance has not been affected, although injury to the screen some of the surface scratches, there is no noticeable difference between the LCD panel this screen is AMOLED the most limit on XS and XS Max.

The top and bottom sides of the front of the phone all of the oxidized metal, and all physical buttons headphones ear solid are amazing.

Also when you try to break the phone by hand, it didn’t work, despite my anxiety the person watching the video of the refraction Evo XR at any moment, but it passed on the good.

The important point referred to by the maker of the video is that the camera is not scratch-resistant as reported by Il, as well as the phone’s performance is affected a little bit after you know how.

Now watch the video and tell us about your opinion on the new phone and notify someone to get it soon?

Testing the durability of iPhone XR :

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