Video explains the file sharing feature coming from Google for Android phones

Video explains the file sharing feature coming from Google for Android phones

Publish the site XDA-Developer a video clip feature to share files between phones that are considered company Google launched phones Android, an advantage similar to the advantage (air routes) AirDrop from Apple.

Although the feature (air routes) easy on the users iPhone to share files without the need of external apps, however, Android phones are still lagging in this area, as it has launched a similar feature in the name (Android Beam) Android Beam several years ago, but it didn’t work. But not long ago companies began to manufacturer for Android phones aware of the importance of providing a feature to share files be original, and the need to use external applications.

Announced that three Chinese companies, are: Shawty, up, Vivi by the duration of cooperation to provide a solution for file sharing between its devices, as Samsung is working on a similar feature in the name of (Kwik Cher) Quick Share or (rapid engagement) to enable users of the phones (Galaxy) of file sharing.

The Google company is also the owner of the Android system on the feature name (Vastu Cher) Fast Share or (rapid engagement), but it is not the name of the newly to become the (Common near) Nearby Share. Now enable the site XDA-Developer of the empowerment of water prior to its launch, posting a video clip demonstrates the mechanism of its action.

The site said: it chose the possibility to share files wirelessly between my phone (Pixels 2 x-L) Pixel 2 XL and(4 pixel) from Google, and they’re both running Android of 10, and added that this water may become available for all Android phones support services Google Play Google Play Services.

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