#video | garbage collecting Robot detects paper, plastic and metals to touch

Before processing of waste for reuse, it is necessary to sort them according to the type of material from which it is made. At the moment, engaged in this special work, and their work is extremely tedious — not only that, they can come across items with harmful substances, and the work itself is monotonous and boring. Soon the sorting of garbage can go robots in the artificial intelligence Lab at the University of Massachusetts created the design, which can touch to separate paper waste from plastic and metal.

Робот RoCycle

Garbage collecting robot has received the name RoCycle, and its main feature lies in the hands thanks to the sensors easily determine the material and throw in the appropriate waste receptacle. Sensor for measuring deformation of the surface determines the size of the object, and a device for determining pressure recognize its fragility. Thanks to them, the robot can recognize easy to compress paper and more hard plastic. Metal objects are determined by easy — the sensors measure the conductivity of the material.

The robot arm is made of freely stretching of the material-auxetic. Each of them can perform both function as left and right hand, and performs a more dynamic action than the limbs of other robots. With this design, the need for air pumps to retain the items completely disappears.

With all this, the robot RoCycle has weaknesses. For example, he is able to raise only stationary objects — in this case, the accuracy of capture is equal to 85%. However, if the subject is moving along a conveyor belt, the accuracy drops dramatically to 63%. Could also be that the metal debris is inside the paper bag, and the robot mistakenly throw them in the trash.

The researchers intend to correct all these defects. They believe that the robot needed a computer vision system to work in conjunction with robotic “organs of touch”.

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