Video: hardness tester phone Galaxy S9 – is it against?

Whenever they released a new phone, but you should know its technical capacity and performance, in comparison you should know the level of hardness and health, today and, as usual, with us, video contains hardness test the latest Samsung phones, which is Galaxy S9 !

اختبار صلابة هاتف جالكسي S9 - هل هو مقاوم ؟

Hardness tester phone Galaxy S9 – is it against?

Why you should know how Solid the phone?

Sure, you as long as you would like to pay $ more than 700$ for a smart phone; and the need to be resistant to scratches, shocks, manifold levels, is required, the more the phone; curvature, friction with the keys. p your pocket or on the table, and other daily uses; so to know if the phone you intend to get the amount of high solid or not, hence the need to test the Samsung Galaxy S9.

How were the results of the hardness test Galaxy S9’s?

As usual We invite you to check on the phone to the test. through this report: Samsung Galaxy S-9 – full Specifications, Features, price, and all you need to know!

Test content:

Like always, the test of the channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube, where you know the phone for a range of test levels, including several scratches and shocks, first watch the video and then give you the result:

Test results:

Like any telephone carries a layer protection Gorilla Glass fifth generation, the Galaxy S8 withstand scratches, so the previous level, or the former has scratches started to appear and this is shared by the rest of the phones from other companies, and to confirm the owner of the test depends on the piece of iron for so according to certain levels, according to the Mohs scale.

The same goes for the background of your device and the glass itself on the screen, where nothing more happened for the device is the demise of the colored energy only, while the rest of the body of the machine remained resistant, and of course that includes the rear camera the same glass.

From the good advantages in the phone, the ability of the screen to resist the heat generated by the flame, the world of mobile phones when exposed to a high temperature, spots appear colored in the screen, and will not provide, especially in OLED screens, but the screen of the Galaxy S9 can I get rid of this spot later, and did not appear until the 12 seconds of exposure to his fire.

For the test the most important, which deviation, as we saw in the video; can phone Galaxy S9 withstand during bending, and that’s what truly makes it among the most powerful phones on the market, this means that in the event of any shocks on the sides, it will maintain its hardness and will not be broken from the middle.

In the end we can say that the Galaxy S9 is worth buying for anyone who is interested in a solid phone and, of course, we invite you to also read our previous reports:

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