#video | How immune cells learn to kill bacteria and viruses?

The human body is like space, full of still unexplored processes. One of the most mysterious and not fully understood biological systems is the immune system, which permanently protects one from diseases. Fortunately, researchers at the University of Texas in Austin took a big step in learning — they were the first in history to see how the cells T-lymphocytes learn to differentiate the dangerous from the safe cell. Seeing this, they shared the recorded video with all the people.

T-lymphocytes play a huge role in the innate immunity, but they don’t know what bacteria and viruses they need to kill. Kind of training occurs in the thymus of man, which is also called the thymus gland. Sometimes in the learning process, mistakes occur, and they begin to kill innocent cells, causing autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes.

The video shows two kinds of cells: purple T-lymphocytes and dendritic cells yellow. The main function of dendritic cells is antigen presentation, which is the whole point of the exercise. In the video some of the cells are white, and this means that the T-Lymphocyte adopted a harmless cell viral.

To follow the training cell managed by lasers with short pulses that scan living tissue with a frequency of 15 seconds. The researchers hope the new discovery will allow to create new methods of dealing with autoimmune disorders, reducing the number of errors in the thymus.

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