#video | How Tesla cars helping to catch criminals?

In recent years, car thieves have started a real hunt for electric cars Tesla — leaving the machine unattended, the owners can stay without it for a few minutes. To somehow scare away criminals, recently Elon Musk has equipped their cars so-called “regime watch”, who is constantly filming everything that happens around. Technology has been very useful, because thanks to video footage, police were able to catch many criminals and bring them to justice.

In most cases, violators of the law disappear from the scene of the accident, or intentional scratching other people’s cars. Most often, the reason for this lack of respect for other people’s property remains unsolved, but maybe this was personal resentment of criminals to the victims. Whatever the reason of vandalism, for their actions have to answer. In California, for damage to another’s property with damage exceeding $ 400, issued a fine of $ 10 000 dollars, or is given a prison term of one year.

How to enable Tesla Sentry Mode?

“Mode time” in the car the Tesla is activated via the control panel, in the security settings. Before activating it has to be met two conditions: first, the battery level should not be below 20%, and secondly, the car must be a memory card inserted with a folder called “TeslaCam”. If all met, after clicking on the slider on the screen a car icon will appear on the camera.

Tesla Sentry Mode Activated

Some Tesla owners are afraid that opening the car door, the hijackers can steal the memory card, and the video with them it would be impossible to find. Tesla provided a course of events and made so that the materials are temporarily off the Internet. So, in the event of theft, USB cards, video, you can still watch and to pass the police.

As Tesla cars, help the police?

Recently in California Los Gatos owner of a Tesla Model X caught in a bad situation. He was driving down the road, Blossom Hill Road, and suddenly noticed that behind him at high speed approaching black pickup. Passing by, light truck heavily scratched side of the electric vehicle, and then fled the scene. Fortunately, the whole incident was recorded on onboard camera Tesla and the owner handed over to the police. The offender was arrested.

Work protective regime Tesla appreciated and a man named Rafael Santoni. Once he returned to his car and noticed that his body appeared deep scratches. After reviewing the records made in “the time”, he saw that they were left unidentified woman was parked nearby. She tried to discreetly scratch the car keys, but the camera caught her face (in the video it is hidden), and she, too, was caught. The damage amounted to about $ 900 — for this, as mentioned above, entails a fine in the amount of $ 10,000, or imprisonment.

A similar act of vandalism were also committed by two older men — they came to someone else’s car and badly scratched her. In this case their face was visible even more clearly than on the previous one. About that, did the police catch criminals is unknown.

How to hack a Tesla?

Usually with cars Tesla hijackers interact very carefully and not resort to physical hacking. In the video below you can see how two men are using a smartphone or tablet as a key FOB for sending commands to open the vehicle doors. The computer security experts believe that in the same way they can hack and other electric cars.

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